Instant Message Encryption System

Data Integrity, Incorporated offers its randomly generated one-time code system, which incorporates randomly generated one-time codes and software which encyrpts/decyrpts in real-time information being transmitted between two parties via the Internet. One-time codes are distributed on read write DVDs or USB compatible memory devices. The codes can only used once. The system is designed to prevent the same codes being used more than one time.

The customer is delivered two devices containing identical code tables and software that encrypts/decrypts the transmitted/received data streams. The one-time codes are created with no two customer code tables being identical. Future purchases require only new one-time code tables. Code tables are delivered in 1 gigabyte to 8 gigabyte tables.

Data Integrity’s product can be used to encrypt/decrypt peer to peer transmissions, communications between employees and company computer systems, and customers’ and vendors’ transmissions.

Product Specifications

Log on in the usual manner and then engage IMES. IMES begins where the last transmission ended in the one-time code table or at a previously agreed to location within the one-time code table an option set by the customer.

Transmissions are monitored for synchronized transmissions and at randomly selected intervals re-synchronized to new locations within the one-time code tables.

Once the code has been used it is erased to prevent its reuse.

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