TraceIT™ is the most powerful application conversion tool on the market, enabling completion of complex software projects -- conversions, mergers, Web externalization -- faster and at lower cost. It is based on a breakthrough code analysis technique, called "Intelligent Parsing," that provides a real-time view of your systems and promotes real software understanding. TraceIT graphically analyzes C++ and C, along with COBOL, PL/I, RPG, JCL and Program Load Modules. The result: more programmers -- even junior staff -- can become subject matter experts and handle software project work.

Instant Message Encryption System: IMES™ Data Integrity, Incorporated offers its randomly generated one-time code system, which incorporates randomly generated one-time codes and software which encyrpts/decyrpts in real-time, information being transmitted between two parties via the Internet. One-time codes are distributed on read write DVDs or USB compatible memory devices. The codes can only used once. The system is designed to prevent the same codes being used more than one time.


Data Integrity (dii) offers an experienced, highly effective services organization that leverages the power of dii technology on behalf of organizations seeking to outsource the application initiatives, project management, systems development and testing of their applications. dii clients include one of the country's leading investment banks, a large commercial real estate and retail property management company, a leading insurance services firm and a major regional retailer.

Data Integrity services include complete outsourcing of software projects, including conversions of applications to new technology, mergers/integration of systems, externalization of legacy systems onto the Web, applications development and system testing. Our services team maximizes your business processes by utilizing the full power of dii's family of innovative and powerful application tools. We can assure faster, less expensive and highest quality management of your applications. The end result: improved productivity, high quality assurance and maximized IT ROI.

We also offer complete on-site training courses for your IT organization in the use of our tools. Flexibility, knowledge, experience and efficiency -- these are the hallmarks of the Data Integrity services organization.

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